About Us
Thinking about starting a business? Not getting the right resources? Finding it difficult to go out and discuss with different supplier and establish relations? Now there is nothing to worry!
Introducing India’s First B2B E-Commerce Marketplace, where there are thousands of suppliers with their products, live on our website. Browse through hundreds of products and select the category of your choice. Once you select the categories, the only thing that you have to do is set up your online store! But not sure how to set it up? We have a solution to that as well. We give ready to build websites with beautiful templates to make your online store very attractive. The website can be set up with almost no technical knowledge. Just few click and choosing the category that you want to start your business in and you are up with a business and products without even knowing the supplier.
If you are a supplier and want to upload your own products then Sign Up with us and start uploading the products. Simple!
Now you might wonder, where would I get the customers? Buyzaar.com gives you Google integration and SEO’s for making your website a magnet to all the customers of the world. Not sure what is an SEO? Do not worry we speak the technical things so you can sit back, relax and focus on your business. Above Google, we also give you E-commerce platform integration like Amazon, so you can easily upload the products on those platforms as well to increase your sales.
In the competitive market where shipping contributes to the success of your business, Buyzaar.com helps you pack and ship your products directly from your suppliers to the customers as well. On the other side if you are Quality conscious, we give you the facility to give assured quality checked products to your end customers. The benefits of both of them are endless. You can choose the best way that is suitable for your business.
There are different payment methods that Buyzaar.com incorporates. Thus depending on the payment mode selected by the end customer, the payment will be made to you.
To give you a gist, you just have to select the products and put it up on the website. Rest everything is done by us, so you do not have to worry on any issues of customer handling as well. Buyzaar.com gives the end customers a top notch customer care facility so all their queries are sorted and solved in the best possible way.
We understand that there might be many steps that you need guidance for. You do not have to go through endless forums and still not able to get the right answer. Do not post a question and wait for 2-3 days to get the answer. We have set up a whole library of video tutorials to help you guide on every step that you are stuck at. If these videos are also not much helpful, you can contact our technical team to guide you.
There are many amazing features under the hood! Sign Up for a free trial and see how easy Buyzaar.com is to establish and run a hazel free business.